Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Six hectares in the heart of Grand Champagne

I took a client to view my favourite house recently.

It sits atop a hill in the heart of the prime Grand Champagne region, surrounded by over six hectares of private woodland. The location and beauty of the neighbouring vineyards make it a truly unique property (and I try to limit myself to using that word once a year).

On the market for €400,000 I know that the owner is desperate to sell this summer - I won't dwell on the sad reason for her wanting to move. Suffice it to say that the lucky buyer will pick this amazing property up for a bargain price.

There's something magical about the place and if I had the funds I would be signing the compromis for myself right now rather than writing this and day-dreaming.


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Chris said...

Sounds like a lovely property, I'm sure somebody will get a great place to live.