Monday, August 16, 2010

Cognac - is this the most attractive town in France?

Regular readers will know that one of my favourite blogs is written by an ex client of mine and is aptly called "Prunings from the vines".

Andy has recently posted some cracking photos of Cognac town centre, you can see them all by clicking this link. I have reproduced one of them above.

They capture the essence of the town well and don't forget that to be genuinely attractive you need more than just a pretty face.

It's not "twee" like Aubeterre, or a tourist hell like Rocamadour.  It's a bustling, working, town that hasn't forgotten its roots and it makes the most of its natural beauty.

Jarnac is prettier and Angouleme has a more imposing presence but to me Cognac is "ma ville" and seeing the pictures that Andy & Sarah took gave me a real sense of pride in living and working here.

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Chris said...

Just looks typically French and beautiful, a place you would love to live.