Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Best buy" table for French mortgages

One of the (many) reasons that my clients use me is for my "little black book" of local contacts.  It has been built up over seven years and I only add people that I am confident will provide an excellent service. From local notaires to foreign exchange dealers and from plumbers to English speaking IT specialists.

If they let me, or my clients, down I strike them from the list.

I have always been loathe to talk to clients about mortgages as it's an area I know absolutely nothing about but I have recently added a man who is an expert in this area into my list of contacts.

Before I give you his name I must point out that if you were to use his company to obtain a mortgage, and said that I had recommended them, then I would be paid a referral fee. 

I'm satisfied though that his references are impeccable and his company, International Private Finance, have been working with my partners at FrenchEntrée for many years and come highly recommended.

You can contact John Richardson by email at or by phone on +44 (0)207 484 4610

If you want to see the IPF current "Best buy" table for French mortgages then click here.

Welcome to the book John....

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