Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Savills Residential Property Focus - August 2010

Here is the link to the full report that I blogged about yesterday.

It is beautifully produced and well written by one of the most respected property researchers in the UK.

I heartily recommend that you download it and spend time reading it.

On page 5 you'll see forecasts for the market in 2015 - the analysis is carefully thought through and well presented.

But.....on a day when the economist at World First tweeted "Errr.... The US is bankrupt. Why has everyone not realised this"? (albeit in jest I hope) and Trulia saying that one in four of their US property listings has seen a price cut, can these forecasts be any more than an expensively educated guess?

It's all good fun though and it fuels the flames of media coverage.

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Chris said...

Very hard to look too far ahead with so much uncertainty. You can plot a median line of what you expect to happen but the further into the future you look the more uncertainty there is.