Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One in four UK first time buyers looking to buy abroad...

...and it would be nice to think that after they have done their research they plump for this slice of paradise we call the charente valley.

Todays Daily Telegraph has run this amazing story (well it is August) with FX dealer Moneycorp claiming:

“Despite turbulent economic times our report shows that a staggering one in four first-time buyers are considering investing in overseas property at the moment,“ said David Kerns, money-dealing manager at Moneycorp, which commissioned the research.

What they don't say is what a huge gap there is between "considering" and "doing".

I well remember that when I was a teenager I considered flying to the USA and asking Jaclyn Smith (always the classiest of Charlies Angels) out on a date.... but then I met a girl at Esher College and decided it was easier and cheaper to remain close to home.

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Chris said...

LOL very true, there are a lot of things I have considered in my life .... and then reconsidered!