Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 magical restaurants in and around Cognac

Here's a list of (and links to) my five favourite restaurants in and around Cognac....do let me know if you disagree or have others to add to the list:

5. Auberge de Condé, Bassac - set in the heart of a picture perfect riverside village, 100 metres from the famous Abbey.  If you go on a Friday night you may even get lucky and be treated to live music from the superb "Route 403".

4. Chateau de L'Yeuse, Cognac - attached to the most famous hotel in Cognac you can try a bit of star spotting, particularly during the blues festival. The food is excellent and it's a superb ambiance.

3. La Ribaudiere, Bourg Charente - renowned as the best restaurant in the area it's possibly also the priciest. Sensational food, you can even book a days lesson if you want to try and copy some of the dishes.

2. La Courtine, Cognac - a personal favourite, often with live music. The outside terrace, overlooking the river charente is simply divine. Reasonable prices and sensational profiteroles.

1. L'Essille, Bassac - Incredible really that a village with a population of 461 can boast two such superb restaurants. L'Essille is my absolute favourite (pictured above) with unbeatable food, wine list, service and setting.

Hope you get the chance to visit some of them!


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