Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bloomberg - "the rise of the buying agent"

Yet another article on the rising use of a house "buying agent". 

An interesting piece in Bloomberg, about how UK buyers are evening up the score by employing their own representatives... the buying agents. According to Savills' Noel de Keyzer, buying agents have quadrupled over the last five years, led by the prime market, but not exclusive to it.

I picked this up from the excellent property blog "The rat and mouse" and you can see the full Bloomberg story here.

It's clear that buying agents or property finders are becoming increasingly popular and I honestly can't see why anyone wouldn't use one when buying overseas.

If you're looking to purchase property in France then follow this link to see a list of registered property finders stretching from Bayeux to Nice.


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Chris said...

When buying overseas undoubtedly using somebody like yourself Graham is essential. We bought an apartment in Egypt, at Zafarana, and the project has been plagued with delays. I think we will be ok but has been very frustrating.