Saturday, January 02, 2010

Why isn't my house selling?

Here's a question that is being asked of many agents at the moment, "why isn't my house selling?".

Of course, every case is different but I just love the responses given to this question on the MSN money site here. The article opens with:

Has your lawn grown up around that "For Sale" sign? Have the wasps moved into the lock box on your front door? Did you just receive an invitation to your real estate agent's retirement party?

If so, chances are your home sale fizzled.

Here are the six most-common reasons why homes don't sell and what you can do about it.

It then gives the following reasons:

1. Your home is overpriced

2. Your home doesn’t present well

3. You’re in a bad location

4. You have made a bad choice of estate agent.

5. You are battling market conditions

6. You have ineffective marketing

Two of these are beyond your control (bad location, difficult market) but the other four are absolutely down to you. 

It's not rocket science....make sure the price is absolutely competitive (do your own research don't just rely on the agents valuation), clear the clutter, tidy the drive and entrance (first impressions are everything), employ the best agents (not the cheapest) and make sure they take great photos and market the house in ads, online and in prime position in the shop window.

Get the basics right and 2010 should see you get the sale you've been waiting for.

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John West said...

Excellent Advice from Graham .... It is certainly a tough market, but there are definate signs of an upturn. Presentation is key, and getting a pro-active agency that works hard to promote your property is essential . Happy New Year Graham ! ! speak soon.