Friday, January 15, 2010

Guest blog: Sarah Beeny

My Top Tips – Selling in 2010 – Sarah Beeny –

Happy New Year!

I was flattered to be asked to write a few tips for selling your property in 2010. Here goes with a few ideas on how to sell in the current market.

  • Be realistic on price - As a general rule everything has a price - the chances are if you have not had any viewers or had viewers but no offers, it's probably on for too much money.

  • Clean the whole house - If you smoke, stop smoking inside and clean all ashtrays - if you have pets, wash their beds. Pet and cigarette odour are the two smells that come up most often in ‘put off' smells list.

  • De-clutter - As if you haven’t heard it before, but use this as the perfect moment to move the piles of stuff you don't use to a charity shop.

  • Don’t wait to get your house on the market - Traditionally there are busier and quieter times of the year for house selling. These are based on what much of the population is doing. If now is the right time in your life to sell, get on with it asap. If the market falls lower by the ‘suitable time economically' you will kick yourself.
Best Wishes,

Sarah x

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