Wednesday, January 13, 2010

France tops quality of life index for 5th year running

International Living magazine have just published their annual "Quality of Life" index. Here's what they say about the number one place in the world to live:

For the fifth year running, France takes first in our annual Quality of Life Index. No surprise. Its tiresome bureaucracy and high taxes are outweighed by an unsurpassable quality of life, including the world's best health care.

France always nets high scores in most categories. But you don't need number-crunchers to tell you its bon vivant lifestyle is special. Step off a plane and you'll experience it first-hand.

They weight their findings in the following way:
  • cost of living (15%)
  • culture & leisure (10%)
  • economy (15%)
  • environment (10%)
  • freedom (10%)
  • health (10%)
  • infrastructure (10%)
  • safety/risk (10%)
  • climate (10%)
So there's no excuse at all for not taking the plunge and making 2010 the year that you buy a house over here and turn your dreams into reality.

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