Friday, December 04, 2009

Thoughts turn to Christmas

We have a rule in our house that no-one is allowed to mention Christmas until after our youngest's birthday which is at the end of November.

Well, that's all done and dusted and the girls have even begun munching their way through their advent calendars so there's now much planning to be done.

First on the list is the Cognac Property Services Christmas party.  My friends back in London are chattering away about Claridges and other exotic venues but we've decided upon the very French sounding Le Grizzly restaurant.  It's a truckers paradise with an €11 set menu (all wine included) and where the clientele usually includes the two guys who drive the local septic tank lorry. What can I's been a tough year.

Next up will be the annual trawl around all the local markets for the myriad ingredients to the Christmas cake (and yes, I know it should already be baked and in the tin).  It's always a last minute dash and the senior partner usually shows her true colours when confronted with the fact that French supermarkets don't stock up on spices just because Delia or Jamie say they should.

Finally there's the small matter of presents.  Do we lovingly search for those unique and hand-made gifts in the wonderful array of Christmas markets we have over here?

Or do we just do a bulk order on Amazon and spend the time curled up in front of the fire feeding the flames with all the calendars we're currently having to buy from the postman, fireman and assorted other public service organisations.

ps: no - it's actually ridiculously mild here at the moment, the pics are from the snow we had at new year.

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Chris Stead said...

11 Euros!!!

Luxury. I recently had a pre-theatre dinner in a Michelin starred restaurnant for not much more than that (though the wine set me back a hideous £38!!).

The Grizzly has certainly gone upmarket since my last visit. I reckon you'd be better off hiring a coach, driving your employees to Calais, getting a ferry to Dover and having an all you can eat at the local pie shop. Real beer too.