Tuesday, December 01, 2009

BBCi player in France

It's one of lifes constant irritants that I can't access BBCi player over here, nor get Radio 5 live online.

Now I read that UK Telecom are offering to solve this with their broadband package, you can read a review from the team at FrenchEntrée here.

I have to say that it's pretty tempting and would love to hear from any expats that have switched to this service. 

Having altered my France Telecom/Orange package twice in the last 12 months I'd hate to start the process again unless I really have to.

Dealing with their call centre has to rank as the real lowlight of 2009 (and that's in a year when the "Butcher of Segonzac" gave me root canal treatment without an anaesthetic).

If you've switched to the UK Telecom offer please do let me know what you think by mailing me directly on cognac.property@gmail.com.



Steve said...

Graham, you need to read the reports about UKTelecom on the Total France Forum... not good!

But you will also see plenty of info on iPlayer etc there too.


Get reading...


graham downie said...

Thanks Steve - I'll go and take a look....