Thursday, December 10, 2009

£2 trillion of pensions debt - only Simon Cowell can save us

Scary story in the Telegraph today.

Taxpayers are facing a £2 trillion unfunded pensions liability, equivalent to more than £80,000 for every household in Britain, according to figures quietly released by the Government yesterday.

As I wrote a few days ago I simply don't understand where the money is going to come from.

Perhaps most worryingly of all is the fact that the Government can sneak these figures out just before the pre-budget report and get away with it.

Perhaps the best way to ensure some serious news coverage is to get Simon Cowell to turn the next election into a "talent" contest (votes cost £2 per minute and calls should last no longer than half an hour....if you can find a responsible adult then make sure you get them to text in too).

Who knows, he might even raise enough to pay off 0.00001% of the debt.

Two trillion pounds of debt & rising....what a legacy to leave to our children.

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