Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google confirm move into UK property market

Regular readers will realise that I truly think we're on the cusp of a "big bang" in the way we buy & sell property.

This morning's report in the Daily Telegraph says that Google have been in talks with UK agents about a free listings service they are thinking of launching. That shouldn't be too surprising if you've read this or this.

Shares in Rightmove have dropped 10% even though Google refuse to confirm or deny anything. This was the reaction from the Rightmove camp:

Ed Williams, managing director of Rightmove, said: "We provide visibility of brand and logo. Agents are spending money on raising brand awareness, not getting more properties online."

Now, forgive me but I'd have thought that agents don't just spend millions of pounds with him to raise "brand awareness" but do so to generate leads & income.

The crucial thing for all parties (Google, agents & property portals) is to look at things through the eyes of the buyer.

Follow the money and it's the buyer who has it.

They control the board and the companies who realise this will become the "King" & "Queen" while those who don't understand will be consigned to being humble pawns.


David Renwick said...

Hey graham, good to see you using Blogspot to get your views out there and to raise your profile. Good to see you posting links to facebook as well. Hope the investment in your brand awareness is more cost effective than the agents investment in the likes of Rightmove and Primelocation :-)

graham downie said...

Ah - M Renwick, I hope that all is brilliant in your world.

Things have moved on a bit since we were working together.

I still think the site you created for Chesterton was absolutely first class and would still look good today!