Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Ten top chateau's to buy or rent in France

Just been reading about some of these lesser known chateau's to buy or rent in France.

The one pictured above is in Anjou and is my favourite - you can hire the Empress Suite from a very reasonable sounding €200 per night.

When I set my business up I was sure that all my mandates would be to find properties like these and that the average purchase price would be €1 million upwards.

Well, seven years in and my average purchase price for clients is a far more modest €280,000 - indeed just a couple of months ago I helped some clients find a cracking house for under €100,000 all in.

I'm also being asked more and more to find decent plots of building land for clients to do their own thing.

As you probably gather I'm really looking forward to The France Show at Earls Court next month.

One of the most interesting things will be to see what kind of enquiries it brings for my colleagues in the more glamorous parts of France like Chamonix and Nice.

Who knows, I may even stumble across some clients who would like help in finding one of the beautiful chateau's we have in and around that would alter my annual statistics a tad.

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