Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tories to ditch "Home Information Packs"

Just been announced at the Tory Conference by the shadow housing spokesman.

Hard luck on those poor buggers who spent thousands on training programmes in anticipation of a long term career change (assuming that Cameron does get in next Summer).

I think the French system works really well with the vendors paying for obligatory tests for asbestos, lead, termites, energy efficiency etc.

Everyone knows where they stand and it's just a given part of the process. What next for the UK though?

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Steve said...

The HIPS isn't really the problem in UK. Although they don't really tell you a lot and we were never asked for ours.

It's the lack of any contract at the point of making an offer that needs to be introduced in England (I think Scotland already has a similar system to France)

I would love to be in the position of knowing that the people making the offer are going to buy and also have some early indication of completion date...

Steve... suffering from the above!