Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Charente - grape picking coming to an end

That's just about it for another year.

The vineyards have been battered and bruised into submission and the huge machines have rumbled back into their garages until next autumn.

Soon the vast green acres of vines will turn a brilliant mixture of red & gold - it's my favourite time of year as for a few precious weeks the landscape looks as though it's on fire once the sun starts to set each truly is specatcular.

Thoughts turn from summer pursuits and the mornings and evenings have suddenly become much colder. 

This year we're thinking about building a huge bonfire and having the girls make a guy so that we can invite all our French friends to celebrate the 5th November.

We haven't done it before and I think they'd love the roast chestnuts, fireworks and, of course, baked potatoes from the ashes of the bonfire.  I have such fond memories of this from when I was a child that it seems silly to let the fact that no-one in France has heard of Guy Fawkes to stop us.

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