Monday, October 26, 2009

French half term already!

Back from my trip away to discover a bulging inbox, voicemails galore and that the girls are (yet again) off school.

To make matters worse the senior partner is working most of this week so I'm juggling babysitting with appointments to view plots of land, visits to local mairies (to enquire about said plots) and my winter "new business drive" far the latter is still a cacophony of brilliant ideas.  I'm very aware though that at some stage I'll have to actually do something!

The good news is that the editor of French Property News is interested in running two articles over the coming months.  Now I just need time (and solitude) to flesh them out.

On our recent golf trip we had a big debate over the merits of giving our children Latin or Mandarin Chinese lessons (yes, I know but we're old & dull now).  I was firmly in the camp for the latter and am considering going out and buying some tapes & books.

Instead of letting them play on the CBBC website I've also discovered the Beeb offers free Chinese lessons online.

That should keep the little buggers quiet for the next couple of weeks.

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