Monday, October 12, 2009

Angouleme - Cognac airport to open new international flights?

There was a most interesting story in the Charente Libre this week.

A new company XO-Airways says it is planning a series of international charter flights from the Charente’s Angoulême-Cognac airport to destinations such as Rome, Porto, Marrakech, Dublin, Amsterdam and even Moscow. The fares are low, lower even than most low-cost airlines.

If you read on the person setting up the business does not have a very inspiring track record and the website is little more than a single page.  They have been in discussions with the airport and Chamber of Commerce though so I guess there is an outside possibility of it coming to fruition....if they start on 6th November I'll be watching out for flying pigs though.

I guess that if it ever does get off the ground it would be ideal for those "awayday" Champions League trips with the Girondins de Bordeaux.  Visits to Spartak Moscow, Barcelona, Roma, Ajax and Porto hold a lot more glamour than traipsing across France to Auxerre or Lens!

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