Tuesday, September 01, 2009

First rule of buying in France - use a good notaire

Just back from a completion at the notaires office.

It makes life so much easier when you have an efficient & friendly notaire that speaks English. He went through the contracts in both languages so that my clients could fully understand the proceedings and he offered on the spot advice on taxation, wills and all kinds of related issues.

My clients are thrilled at the property (above) that I found them for less than 100,000€, and impressed with the whole buying process over here.

On the way back from the signing we stopped at the Orange shop and set up a phone line for them and now I've left them the exciting task of unpacking their van and setting up their dream place in the sun.

I love my job when things run smoothly like this and you see the joy and sense of adventure on clients faces. Of course it has it's downsides too but I work so hard to dig out the gems that I get a real sense of pride when it comes together.

In fact I'm feeling so smug that I'm almost tempted to award myself an afternoon off with a decent book.

I say almost because what I'm actually going to do is nip down to Jarnac to look at a couple of plots for some clients coming out in three weeks time. I have a terrific architect & builder lined up for them to meet and I want to find them somewhere truly special to build their property.

No peace for the wicked.

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