Thursday, September 03, 2009

OK - so I'm not Bill Gates or Larry Page

One innocent blog entry about how much I like i google and I've unleashed a torrent of abuse.

I guess I should have realised at school when I was hanging out with the nerds & the geeks rather than the cool guys or the sports "jocks" that something like this would happen.

My latest words of wisdom have come back to haunt me in spades now as I'm getting texts, voicemails, tweets, emails et al taunting me for being behind the times.

Please bear in mind that the senders of these missives are the ones that were always found at the front of the classroom, in the kitchen at parties and invariably were the last ones picked at any kind of sport.

And as for girls.....forget it.

So chaps - I may well be behind the new technology wave rather than riding it but let's face it...the coolest kid at school was never going to get a job in IT was he....


Steve said...

Are you Steve Jobs? Cool....

Chris Stead said...

That's funny.

I vaguely knew you at school. My memory is that you didn't turn up for lectures, were always being ill in the toliet at parties and as for sports - the highlight of your career was dropping two catches when you were standing at slip to a proper bowler.

Incidentally, there are these fantastic new devices around that allow you to make calls - even if you are not in your house. I think they're called mobile phones.

graham downie said... know that neither of your deliveries carried!