Sunday, September 20, 2009

Electrical storm leaves me puzzled

We had a wonderful storm earlier this week. Rolling thunder and non stop lightning that lit up the church opposite so that it looked like something out of a horror movie.

Torrential rain too which is good for my melons.... but I digress.

One of the side effects was that we were without electricity for a whole morning. What an eye opener.

I simply couldn't work. No computers, no internet and no telephone line (it all comes through the livebox). Of course I could have done some filing but why break the habit of a lifetime.

After scratching my head for half an hour I decided that the only thing to do was to pop down to Jarnac and invest €3.20 in a Daily Telegraph and spend the morning doing the crossword in my favourite café.

I used to know an amazing character called Fred Rippingale who could do both the Times & Telegraph crosswords in under an hour. I could never get to grips with the "Thunderer" but the latter could usually be half completed after a couple of weeks of cogitating and begging my mate Chris for help.

This time I didn't do badly but am still stuck on 12 down - my French friends are no help at all:

Looking for short cut for riders to use (7,4)

If anyone can help please email me at and I'll be eternally grateful.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with my two favourite clues of all time:

1. geg (9,3)

2. H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O (5)


Steve said...

Hunting Crop...


Chris Stead said...

I'm afraid Steve beat me to it but I'm happy to inform you that i thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast this morning of scrambled egg and water.


Angkooler (4,4,2,5)

Chris Stead said...

Or what about

Bum wipe (6)

OA (6,2,3,4)

graham downie said...

I read the first one in Mrs Cadman's English class at Esher College.

I have no idea for bum wipe or OA but it's given me something to do between matches this afternoon...thanks.

graham downie said...

Middle (or centre) of the road. And no I didn't cheat.

Now, just bum wipe to get....