Friday, September 25, 2009

How did he survive school?

Over here the sun continues to shine, the grape harvest is just beginning and the trial of the decade continues to dominate conversations in the bars and at the school gates.

Most headlines have been about the "de Villepin fightback". He's on trial facing up to 5 years imprisonment but yesterday his lawyers said that the former prime minister would file suit against (current President) Nicolas Sarkozy for violating his right to presumption of innocence.

All most intriguing but the most important thing I learned yesterday is that the slick old charmer was actually christened Dominique Marie François René Galouzeau de Villepin.

He's gone up hugely in my estimation....anyone with that name who can come through their teenage years unscarred and with enough self confidence remaining to reach the very top in politics has to get my vote.

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