Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 expensive cognacs that are worth the money

Excellent article from the good folk at and you can read the full list here.

If you have the cash just hanging around you can also buy them directly from the website...just make sure you invite me round to taste them too.

One of my very best friends out here is now the cellar master at H Mounier. His family have been involved with the cognac business for generations and I often tell the story of the first time that he & his wife came to dinner.

We served our finest wines and all seemed to be going well until it came to the digestif. We'd bought a mid-range cognac from the supermarket but Christian took one look at it and said "wait a moment" before jumping in his car.

Five minutes later he was back with a bottle from his private cellar. Resplendent with hand crafted label it dated back to 1901 - the colour, texture, scent and taste were exquisite and lingered on the glass long after we had finished.

He told me to keep the bottle but to only drink it with special friends on special occasions.

We've dined together hundreds of times since but although I've hinted often (and asked straight out at times) he's never repeated that incredible gesture.

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