Monday, August 31, 2009

End of the canicule?

"Phew...what a scorcher" as the Sun so memorably put it.

I can't remember the last time I woke up to anything other than clear blue sky and afternoon temperatures in the mid to high 30's. I know it sounds idyllic but to someone with Scottish roots and pale white skin this summer has cost me a fortune in factor 30 sun tan lotion.

Ironically, I'm still the same colour as I was when the year started on January 1st.

At last the weather is due to break and we have storms forecast for tomorrow with rain afterwards and temperatures down in the 20's.

I'm not moaning in the slightest as I do love sunshine and the last couple of months have been exceptional but when those first drops fall I'll be doing a highland jig.

After that I'd like to put an order in for an Indian summer lasting through to late October please. That's when I'm off to Biarritz for a few days R&R with the boys. It would be nice to dish out their annual thrashing on the golf course with the sun on our backs.

Meanwhile I have work to do with three active property searches on the go. Houses never look as good in the rain so this week should be a good time to view them!

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