Friday, August 21, 2009

"Luge d'été" proves a hit

I had to interrupt the family holiday for a business meeting in Chamonix.

A huge bonus was the fact that it boasts a truly fabulous summer adventure playground for the kids. The star attraction is a kilometre long bobsleigh track. You take a ski-lift up the mountain and then bomb down on the luge.

The interesting part is that my eldest daughter is usually the less exuberant of the two. She'd rather have her nose in a book than be tackling the big boys at rugby (the youngest came home earlier this year with a cauliflower ear and a beaming smile after stopping Maxime "the truck" in his tracks).

She's obviously a speed freak though and hurtled down by herself at full throttle without a care in the world while her sister liked descending serenely with mum.

Good job you could take the ski-lift back up again as we had to do it again and again....and again.
Back in Annecy we discovered that there was another, steeper, track at the top of "Le Semnoz" and of course we had to compare the two.
Don't be surprised if GB win gold at the two-man bobsleigh event in the 2014 winter olympics.

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