Saturday, August 22, 2009

Olympic museum misses a trick

We went to the olympic museum in Lausanne when we were on holiday (thanks for the free tickets Fabrizio!).

It's a fascinating place which stirs recent (and not so recent) memories as well as offering a real insight into how the games started.

I couldn't help thinking though that they're missing a huge opportunity. With technology as it is why just settle for physical exhibits such as Bob Beamon's shoes or Muhammad Ali's gloves.
If my kids can play tennis on a wii then why not make the museum truly interactive too.

How about a row of running machines where you can see how much longer than 9.58 seconds it takes you to run 100 metres?

Or why not hit against Steffi Graf, punch against Ali or score a penalty against Argentina. The list of ideas is endless.

All of this would be possible and (taking a leaf out of all modern theme parks) paid for by buying photographs for an extortionate price when you have finished.

The olympics have evolved over the years and I'm sure the museum will catch up....what an attraction it would prove for Lausanne too. It's an absolutely cracking city already and if you've never been then I'd heartily recommend it.

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