Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The house-plant that "tweets"

I'm not really a huge fan of Twitter but I know those who are. Having only 140 characters to communicate seems to limit 99% of posts to mundane issues that are of interest only to the poster and (if he's lucky) his immediate family or friends.

The other 1% seem to be celebrity stalkers where posters send off hopeful emails to twittering celebrities "Hi Britney, heard your album & loved it" (http://twitter.com/britneyspears) or "Best of luck with your match today Andy" (http://twitter.com/andy_murray)".

However, I'm also aware of a few things:

1. The same criticisms could be levelled at this blog. You're giving up your precious time to read about the fairly mundane things that make up my life. No posting from the basement while the bombs drop here.

2. I'm old and technologically incompetent.

3. My mobile phone is almost as old as I am and the only thing it does is make phone calls. I certainly don't use it for photos, videos, web surfing, GPS tracking or any of the other apps that have sprung up lately.

4. We're still only scratching the surface.

This last point is raised because I read of a couple of interesting Twitter accounts today. The first is a house plant that tweets about it's health (need water, low on nitrogen etc) and the second is a house that tweets (putting on heating, alarm system disabled, fridge door left open).

My mind isn't open enough nor big enough to see exactly where these could lead but I do know that life for my two young daughters is going to be very different.

It's fine them growing up fluent in two or three languages but they'll also need to be far more computer savvy than their old man if they're going to look after me in my dotage.

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