Friday, June 12, 2009

Living in France - the reality!

Possibly the biggest reason for our move to France in 2003 was the desire to watch the girls grow up and to play an active part in their early years.

It's worked incredibly well but I still get days when I step back and think "wow - where did the time go".

J-A and I have both been pretty frantic work wise (despite the recession) and we're also now being dragged into the school/gym/dance/parties and general taxi service world that I guess most parents know only too well.

They have just got in from school and had 15 minutes to change and be taken to dance class which finishes at ten. The "spectacle" is next week-end and I'm praying that they have inherited their mother's rhythm rather than mine.

I do feel blessed though. If I was still back in the UK commuting every day I would have missed out on so much.
To anyone with kids thinking of getting off the treadmill I'd say "take the leap," the rewards are immense.

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