Friday, June 12, 2009

What price ear plugs?

I went to visit this house today on behalf of clients.

It truly is one of the most magnificent houses I have ever seen and is on the market for just €400,000.

The salon is 120m2 (about the size of most normal houses), it has a marble staircase running from the entrance hall, 6 bedrooms/4 bathrooms and a stone terrace with steps down to the pool.....all surrounded by about four acres of land that runs down to the Charente.

Sadly it's on the N10/N141 axis and the traffic noise is constant.

How on earth do you put a value on a house like that. Just about anywhere else in the Charente and it would be a million euros. What price ear plugs?

I'll send details to my clients of course but quite what I'll say about it I just don't know.

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