Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "once in a year" house

This is year six of my life finding houses in the cognac region for clients.

Each year I find the "once a year" house where I come rushing home saying "what a place I've just seen, we really need to buy it".

Yesterday was just such a day.

I was out viewing with Jerome, one of my favourite agents.

He showed me a house 2 km's from the centre of cognac with a garden that slopes gently down to an arm of the charente.

The house is architect designed, light & airy with all mod cons including underfloor heating and a beautiful log burner.

You can see by the photos above that it's a pretty special place with both a pool and canoes ready to launch on the river.

All for under €400,000.

Sadly the senior partner is having none of it which I guess is a good thing and, of course, we won't be making an offer - but boy is it a special place.

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