Monday, June 29, 2009

No Pimms required

We spent a terrific afternoon with friends on Sunday.

They had invited us for a BBQ and told the girls to bring their swimming costumes so it was a "win/win" with both adults and children looking forward to it.

Andy told me that it was virtually two years to the day that I had helped them find and buy their house and it always gives me real pleasure to visit them and see how they have turned what was a great house into something truly exceptional.

The gardens are now like something we'd have seen at Wisley. We strolled through the orchard with peaches, plums, apples and other fruit galore, past the immaculate veggie patch into the formal garden area with freshly mown grass and trees throwing dappled shade.

The sun was bouncing off the charentaise stone and we sat in the shade looking out over the terrace to the glorious vineyards that surround the house.

Conversation ranged from the upcoming Blues festival (Andy & Sarah have visitors and have bought a week long pass to see BB King, Duffy et al), to Wimbledon in High Definition, Springsteen at Glastonbury and the fun that Andy will have on the new boat he has just bought.

It was a lazy Summer afternoon that took me back to the days of my youth - Sarah even offered us a Pimms but it simply wasn't required. Glory days as the Boss would say.

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