Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A positive mental 10 years old!

Just back from the hospital where I had taken my eldest for a check up on her knee.

Reading the paperwork I noticed it was already six weeks since she fell at school and there's another month or more of physio to go.

Chatting this through with her we noted the things she has missed out on. From her annual gym competion to the twice weekly swimming lessons at school (and with constant sunshine for the last month or so it must have been torture sitting by the outdoor pool in Jarnac). She and her sister have also been attending dance class this year and been practicing their special Jason Mraz number for the big gala last week-end....she had to sit and watch all her mates take the applause and come back for an encore.

They break up on Thursday so we've been booking their Summer activities. No water skiing or horse riding this year I'm afraid.

Yet, coming back in the car she said that it had been fine and that she was still having fun with her friends and that taking archery lessons this Summer would be just as good. Besides it's not much longer she said.

I love the fact that she doesn't whinge and has such a cheerful and positive outlook on life. I know that I'm incredibly biased but she and her sister do bring sunshine wherever they go.

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