Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't tell the Mayor

I live in a village called St Meme les Carrieres - the latter part of the name refers to the old stone quarries that dominate the village.

They are worked out now but in days gone by provided the stone for churches, houses and monuments throughout France.

Indeed, according to the Mayors office our village provided the stone plinth for one of the most famous monuments in the world.....the statue of liberty in New York.

Now, when I heard this I thought it was an urban myth and I showed an element of doubt.... which soon subsided when I realised that I was insulting not just the mayor but the whole village (it's not the best idea to fall out with someone who wields such power) .

Anyway, I emailed the historians of the statue who told me that the stone came from the USA. We guess that our local stone was actually used for the scale model that was made as a practice run and sent to Paris in 1884.

Of course, this would be devastating news and must remain as our little secret. Whatever happens don't tell the mayor.

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