Friday, July 10, 2009

The real "Tour de France"

I'm a pretty lucky guy to have some close and long-standing friends.

In particular, four of us were at school together and meet up every year for what ostensibly is a golfing holiday but in reality is an opportunity to swap old stories, see new places and relive our youth.

I've just received this email from Chris:

Why don’t we celebrate Graham’s 50th birthday (and ours) with a charity cycle ride from White Hart Lane to Bordeaux. It’s only 600 miles-ish and feels pretty flat. We could do it in about a week. I reckon we could get loads of publicity, raise loads of money and have a real blast doing it. Timing would be great as it would be the start of the season and the weather would be lovely. We could take in Spurs first home game and then get down to Bordeaux for their next home match.

Now I genuinely think that it's a cracking idea and will do my utmost to convince the other two that we should do it. The fact that they're both far slimmer & fitter than Chris and I should (in theory) work in our favour.

Watch this space.

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