Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ticketless in Bordeaux

Huge disappointment in Bordeaux yesterday.

We went with friends for a day out. To shop, eat, sip café and (most importantly) to buy season tickets for myself, Holly & Katie to watch the Girondins try and retain the championship.

It's an amazing deal. Only €130 to watch every match from behind the goal and just... (wait for it).... €13 a year for each of the girls as they are under 10.

We strolled up to the kiosk with cheque book and piggy bank savings in hand only to be met with "it's not possible". When I asked why not I was told "it is too dangerous for children behind the goal as the ultras stand and let off flares".

Naturally a huge discussion then took place about how I have been going for six seasons and it's actually about as dangerous as a day trip to the Blue Peter studios.
I've never seen a hint of aggression or trouble and at least 20% of the occupants are teenage girls.
Similarly when I said that it was in writing on a sign above his head that under 10's could get in for €13 pa he just shrugged.

I could go in with the children elsewhere but not with the Ultramarines in the "Virage Sud" where there are flares, banners and singing.....which is exactly why they want to go there.

So there we go....all those years of avoiding trouble during the hooligan ridden 70's & 80's and finally I'm laid low by an over zealous teenager in the Bordeaux ticket office.

To cap it all I had to spend the next four hours traipsing round shoe shops.

Quelle horreur.

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