Monday, February 08, 2010

Where to buy in France (2) - the south coast

Following my last "where to buy in France if you don't fancy the charente" on Mayenne I thought that I'd do a short piece on two fantastic spots on the south coast.

The first is Aix-en-Provence.  It's a university town, famous for its culture. It hosts two significant music festivals each year.

Musique dans la rue is held each June and does what it says on the tin - as classical, jazz and popular concerts are held in the packed streets and squares.

The main Festival is held in late June/July and now ranks with Glyndebourne for quality and ambiance.

Aix-en-Provence also boasts some terrific museums and galleries - probably the best way of giving you an instant flavour is to say that it's twinned with the beautiful city of Bath in the UK.

If you'd like to know more about property in the area click here for the website of Provence Property Connections where you'll be able to speak to Neil Ranadé who is the FrenchEntrée property finder for the region.

The second spot is Nice.

I guess that most people know it as the capital of the riviera. What you may not know is that there has been a huge investment in a hi-tech city centre tram system which has made getting around much easier.

It's also brought to light some very interesting investment opportunities in areas that have not historically been fashionable with investors.

Whichever spot you choose though, Nice will always be popular with the investment community.

It is the second most visited city (after Paris) and the 4 million tourists per annum enjoy some of the best café culture around.

Try the Place Masséna, Place Garibaldi or Place Rossetti for some serious people watching.

If you're looking for property advice from an expert and permanent resident click here to visit the website of Cote D'Abode, where you will find Rebecca Russell who is the FrenchEntrée property finder covering this wonderful city and the surrounding area.

Next up in the where else to buy series will be the Dordogne.

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