Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Primelocation property blog awards - winner, "best blog"!

I'm thrilled.

Being shortlisted was an honour in itself.  My fellow entrants were of an exceptionally high quality and The House Historian leads the way in showing how social media can be used in the property industry. Everything about it is top quality from the design & graphics to the research & writing.

I'm in distinguished company and I know it.

Here's what the judges kindly said about A little drop of Cognac:

It was a closely fought battle, but A Little Drop of Cognac’s Graham Downie has emerged victorious with the top prize. The judges were won over by his refreshing and entertaining mix of property market musings and insights into his life in France, alongside some great images and interesting guest posts.

Have to dash as I have a day job to run but I'm sure I'll be back later to give a more considered opinion once things have sunk in.



Chris Stead said...

Not that boring old picture again. Now you are the greatest property blog I expect to be seeing a distinct improvement in the pictures - Rooney, Nicola T and Kermodes quiff at the very least.

Congratulations. Thoroughly deserved.

guide2pc said...

Congraulations you desrve it - well done

Property Owl said...

Congratulations from the runner up :) I think you should shout about it on the property owl community.

Andy said...

Well done boy, cream always comes to the top, keep it up!