Friday, February 26, 2010

Daily Telegraph - where to buy a property overseas

The Daily Telegraph have published an article by respected property journalist Graham Norwood on where to buy property overseas.  They quote research from Savills and rightly say that buyers have been scarce.

They do, however, say that traditional locations, like France, are tipped to do well in 2010 which is excellent news. Savills research also tips SW France as a "hotspot" (which is kind but a tad optimistic given our stage in the recovery cycle - they're right about the stock, infrastructure and prices though).

It's doubly excellent because they have very kindly included a comment from yours truly.

Graham Downie runs Cognac Property Services, a buying agency in France's Charente region, and says the report's findings ring true.

These days he sees few British investment buyers or profligate leisure purchasers. "You can buy a beautiful Charentaise house with pool, gardens and views for £250,000 to £350,000. There's no need to break the bank. My clients are driven by sunshine and quality of life," he says.

First the Indie and now the Telegraph.

Whatever next, I guess the only place to go from here will be the Financial Times....

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Congratulations Graham, fame is around the corner. Best wishes from us all