Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A sparkling day out

It could only happen in France (well, it certainly never happened in Brook St).

I'd had a call earlier in the week from a local agent asking if I'd like to meet a local developer who specialises in wooden houses (I have a client interested in this kind of project).

He picked me up at 3.30pm yesterday and we set off for a quick meeting in Bouteville which is just up the road. "I'll be back by 4.15pm I yelled".

Here we picked up the developer and set off again for the house...which turned out to be 40 minutes away near Villebois Lavalette.

The house was pretty impressive and the "kit" had been imported from Rumania so the pricing was exceptional.

Also present was an imposing man described as "the big boss" who turned out to be a charming Belgian entrepreneur. So charming in fact that he invited us all back to his maison de maitre for a glass of champagne and some aperitifs.

Off we set down windy roads and through beautiful countryside - nobody had mentioned that he lived in a rural spot on the edge of the Dordogne.

A few (extremely pleasant) hours later we rolled out and I was dropped back home just as our evening visitors arrived.

Needless to say the senior partner wasn't too amused but, hey, it's not every day you're invited for a glass or two of vintage champagne.


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