Friday, February 05, 2010

A father's promise

It was one of those typical Charentaise winter days on Wednesday.

Clear blue sky, brilliant sunshine but bitterly cold with a north wind & frost on the ground.

It was lunchtime & I was walking the dog through the vines (couldn't say that when I worked in the west end) and the girls were with me.

Obviously the fact that A little drop of Cognac had won such a prestigious award has been a topic around the dinner table lately and my youngest picked up on this:

"Dad, if I break a lump of ice off that puddle and take it home will you put me in your blog so that I'll be as famous as Hannah Montana"?

As you can see I foolishly said yes.

Yes, I know that it might lose me all those followers I have recently picked up (who are perhaps tuning in to read my thoughts about the rental renaissance or the 50% slump in building society lending).

And yes, I know that all the experts say not to mix messages on a blog and to keep your private life out of it - but hey a promise is a promise. A lot of readers say that they like hearing about the minutiae of my life in France and this certainly fits the bill.

So, ladies & gentlemen I present to you the beautiful Downie girls and their lump of ice...."Troy".

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Steve said...

It's those small snippets of information that are so valuable though, you are never going to read about them in a book or on a dedicated website. Blogs and Forums (eg Total France) are the places to visit if you want to know about the weather actually experienced, or hundreds of other things about living in France.

So what seems ordinary and everyday to you is a valuable piece of the jigsaw to someone looking to move abroad.