Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Don't move - the baguette is fully loaded

I read this interesting report from Agent Genius earlier this week.

Entitled "One in four male realtors are packing heat while on the job" it highlighted the light years that separate life in Urban USA and life in deepest rural Charente.

If the research is to be believed then 15% of male estate agents in the US carry a gun and 10% carry a knife for protection. I'm guessing that the stats are a bit distorted but even so it makes me grateful for the life we have out here.

I'm not naive and understand the risks that (particularly female) agents take - I was at Savills when Suzy Lamplugh went missing in 1986 and fully support the brilliant work done in her name by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

Life is, thankfully, slower & safer here.

I did a quick straw poll of some of the local agents I deal with in and around Jarnac.  All carried a mobile phone with them but the most dangerous weapon that anyone admitted to was "yesterday's baguette which I left in the car by mistake"....


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