Monday, August 29, 2011

French house prices rise for 5th quarter running

The latest French house price figures are out from the FNAIM and they show a further rise in prices this quarter of 3.3%.  The "year-on-year" rate of house price inflation currently stands at 6.8%.

You can see a snapshot of these figures from FrenchEntrée here or you can see the FNAIM report (in French) here.

I'm guessing that these figures actually come as a surprise to those of us on the ground who still consider that we're in a buyers market.  Of course, the FNAIM stats are only taken from their members - they don't include transactions from immobiliers who are not members, nor do they take into account private sales which count for as much as 50% of the market over here.

What we do know for sure is that  the French property market is historically robust and not inclined to great shifts in value either way.

If you're looking to buy property over here you should view it as a long term commitment, undertake plenty of research and not see it as a way of making a quick matter how attractive the headlines (or view from the bedroom window).


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My mother and father in law own a gorgeous property in the south of France which they bought about 8 years ago, they have done lots of work on it so these increases in house prices are great news!

My Pleasure is Cooking said...

Sorry to say, in my part of France House prices are falling!, House Sales are at a stand... Many house's have been for sale for 3 years! I wish the market would pick up and then many people who I know that have packed there homes up here and gone back to the UK to live, would be able to buy a house back in the UK and not have to rent!