Monday, September 19, 2011

Charente gardens bloom in the sunshine

A few years ago I helped some clients buy the most delightful house, in the middle of the vines on the outskirts of Segonzac.  This is a pic I took from the first floor window a while back.

It really is a stupendous location and it always raises my spirits when I drive past or when I visit my ex clients to break bread and share a glass of the local plonk.

It so happens that my wife and her gardening team were at the house this afternoon - cutting the lawns, tidying up the flower beds and pulling the weeds from the driveway.  So I took the opportunity to pop across and offer a bit of support, encouragement and advice (the latter never seems to go down well though).

The sun was shining and the house looked a picture - it's at times like this that I love my job.  I know for a fact that my clients never would have found the house without me and I'm equally sure (because I have the emails to prove it) that they love the fact that my wife and her team are so diligent and meticulous with their gardening duties.

It's not all "a bed of roses" living out here but sometimes I honestly feel as though I'm the luckiest guy on the planet. 

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