Tuesday, September 20, 2011

RICS forecasts choppy waters for UK property sector

Have you seen the powerpoint slides from this presentation that the RICS chief economist gave to a bunch of property bigwigs at Lloyds last week?

If not then I suggest you take a look but do put your tin hat on before you open them up.

The title slide is "Economic headwinds pose new threat for property sector" and here's a selection of subheads:
  • Reality dawns - deleveraging will depress growth for forseeable future
  • Economic expectations have deteriorated over the last month
  • Consumer confidence is heading towards Jan '09 low
  • In the resi sector activity remains subdued
  • restricted mortgage lending is not the only problem
  • pressure on the property sector will continue to grow
The very last slide finishes with the words "European sovereign debt crisis - how will it end"?

Now that's a question I'd pay a bundle full of francs & centimes to know the answer to.....


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