Wednesday, June 22, 2011

French X Factor - Brit makes the final two

I'd wager a good deal of money that you've never heard of Matthew Raymond-Barker.

Yet last night he made it through to the final of X Factor 2011.

He's a 21 year old student from Mitcham and he's going to get my vote in next Tuesday's final, live on M6.

There's something delicious about X Factor in France.  It's not as glitzy as the UK version and the singing & choreography is often naive but at least it's honest. 

No clearly scripted spats between Louis & Cheryl.

No hyperbole from Simon ("in anybodys money that was a world class vocal.....better than the original").

They've had some decent guests this series too, from Lady GaGa and James Blunt to The Black Eyed Peas and, of course, Johnny Hallyday.

Next week the invitees are Beyoncé and Bruno Mars but I hope that they are upstaged by M Raymond-Barker.  My guess is that you never will get to buy his records outside of France but his story is still quite remarkable. He's conquered the nation and millions of teenage girls think he's more hip than Justin Bieber.

Bravo Matthieu et bon chance......


Anonymous said...

mat is fantastic I am so very happy that the french people have welcomed and taken to this really nice young man. Well done France you can hold your heads up when it comes to fair play.

Ellie said...

Star Academie used to be my favourite show when I was living in France as a student. Who are the judges on French X Factor? Will have to Google Matthew later!

Craig said...

I love him... thanks for introducing me to him. I just did a post on him over at my own blog, so thanks for the lead. I linked it to you too.

Craig said...

He won! Well dome Matthew!
Thanks again for introducing him to me.