Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cognac Gym - Club Championship: And the winner is......

I know that most people read this blog for insights into the French property market but tough - if a father can't take pride in his daughter's achievements then it's a poor show.

It's a bank holiday in France today and I've spent most of it with my family watching my youngest compete in the Cognac Gym club championships.
There were four disciplines: Bars, Beam, Vault and Floor.  Her strongest by far are the bars and she was happy that she was drawn to start with these.
The Downie family held their collective breath as she started swinging and then disaster struck as she fluffed a hand adjustment and lost both momentum and, surely, her chance of gold.
She's a fighter though and the next three disciplines went well with a huge backflip on the vault that Beth Tweddle (her heroine) would have been proud of.
We had to hang around for an hour and a half before the Palmares (awards ceremony) and we waited nervously to see if she had clawed her way back onto the podium.
The MC took centre stage.
"The 2011 club champion of level EG4 is...........DOWNIE Katie".
He even pronounced her name properly.
The stadium erupted (well there was warm applause anyway) and Katie stood on the podium to receive the gold medal, with the broadest smile imaginable on her face.
No national anthem I'm afraid.....probably for the best though.
Now, if you're reading this Lord Coe (well, you never know) - how about reconsidering my application for those four tickets to the Olympics next year?
I'm warning you, if you don't come up trumps then I'll tell her to represent France in 2016 :-)

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