Friday, June 17, 2011

Charente - the second sunniest part of France

A few years ago I wrote an article for French Property News saying that I lived in the second sunniest part of France.

Since then I have taken huge amounts of stick every time a little, white, fluffy cloud has the temerity to tiptoe into view.  Clients, friends and neighbours all take great delight in reminding me of my words.

Well, after the hottest spring since 1900 they're all changing their tune now and begging for their sun baked potagers to be watered.

Recently their collective rain dance bore fruit and the photo above was taken in his garden by my good friend, and ex client, Andy and stolen from his excellent blog "Prunings from the vines". 

Just to rub salt into the would I've found a map showing sunshine levels across France which prove, once and for all, that a career in the met office beckons if ever I decide to quit the world of international property.

As Steve Martin so famously said:

"A day without sunshine is know....night".

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Anonymous said...

The Map is not actually correct. Marseille and Toulon are the sunnuest at 2800 hours, Carpentras, Ajaccio are next on 2700, Nice next 2650, Montpellier next,at 2600, Perpignan at 2400. La Rochelle has 2200, well down the list but the sunniest place on the Atlantic coast. all these figures are verifiable via Meteo France.