Wednesday, June 15, 2011

France expects an increase of 31% more UK tourists this year

There was an interesting piece in The Observer last Sunday about the further rise in popularity of France as a tourist destination from the UK. 

The (incredibly clumsy) headline was "Families rediscover French holidays as Arab spring and taxes take their toll" - you can see the full article here.  It goes on to say:

The average price of a holiday in France this year is £554 a head, compared with £978 for Italy, which has seen a 15% rise in bookings. The steepest falls in bookings have been in Tunisia and Egypt, by 16% and 30% respectively because of the political uncertainty. More expensive destinations, such as the Caribbean and the US, at an average cost of more than £1,200, have also proved a turn-off in straitened economic times.

France is the world's number one tourist destination, with almost 80 million visitors last year – more than 10 million of whom were British. Philip Westerman, 30, from London, who has been to France "more times than I can remember", puts food, culture and identity at the top of the list of reasons why he can't stay away.

These statistics don't come as a surprise to me as there really is something special about this country we now call home.

I shall listen out for more British voices during my weekly visit to the local market and to being accosted in my local bar with the oft asked "On holiday? How long have you got left...."

Hopefully a long time yet.

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