Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The mystery of the disappearing house

It sounds a little like one of the stories I read my children at night doesn't it.

Yesterday I was with a lovely couple who are selling their home just north of Cognac.  They were telling me that when they were originally looking to buy over here they did lots of research on the internet from the UK. 

They identified a really pretty house they liked and had lots of conversations with the agent about it to make sure it fitted their brief.

Sure enough it did, indeed it looked and sounded idyllic. 

So they flew over to view it and turned up at the local estate agency at the appointed time.

In fact they arrived a little early.

So early that their guy wasn't in the office yet.  They excitedly chatted to one of the other negotiators about the house they had come to view and he accidentally spilled the beans that it had been sold almost a year ago. They just hadn't taken it off the website yet because it was pretty and got people through the door.

A few minutes later their contact arrived and casually said "sorry, the house you were interested in has just gone under offer. Don't worry though, I have some other viewings lined up for you".

If I hadn't heard similar stories dozens and dozens of times before I might have been shocked.


Sam said...

Oh how true and oh how often it happens. French Immos just don't get it.



john west said...

Very True Sam ... and as Graham knows, this is all too familiar with a lot of the British 'referal agents' with web sites in the UK, and no real 'on the ground expertise' in France. Trust rather in your 'property finders' like Graham and the Property Finders Network or well established French Based Brtish run agencies - like